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A Visit To Our Production Facility

As we write this, we are just shaking off the tail-end of our jet lag. We’ve had a phenomenal visit to all of the factories that contribute to the AM1 including; frame, electronics, assembly, packaging and testing. We travelled there with a huge list of components and design details to discuss, testing and certification to verify, and ensure our entire supply chain was operating to the standards we expect. Overall the level of professionalism, sophistication and scale we witnessed in all of our suppliers exceeds our expectations.

Nav at the assembly factory

Our first visit was to the assembly factory. This is where the painted frames, battery and electronics are sent to, sub-assembled, tested and packaged for shipping.

An AM1 on the assembly line

About 30 mins drive away was the frame factory. As we walked through the factory doors the first thing we noticed was the scale. They can manufacture 3000 frames a month! We were asked not to take photos of certain areas because there were a number of well-known bike brands also manufacturing their frames in this facility.

Floor to ceiling automated production line

We were shown the entire process that our frames go through; from arriving at the factory as tubular aluminium, being ground to the correct thickness, cut, welded, heat treated, QC'd, washed, painted, baked, branded and finally getting packaged up ready to be received by our assembly factory.

Next was the controller factory. This is where the motor speed controller is assembled. 

This was an impressive facility. We were again limited by what pictures we could take as there were a number of other well-known companies manufacturing their components there including a popular German, mid-drive, e-bike system 🙂.

This is the amusing mechanism used to test each pedal sensor

We are very pleased to report that as a result of the trip production has formally kicked-off starting small with a few hundred bikes a month and scaling up as we become confident that our processes are working as they should.